Don't panic over chaotic accounts. Beverley Hall, Norwich Bookkeeper, can help you get back in control.Helping you to design your bookkeeping systems and processes.
So many cases of chaotic accounts that we see are due to a lack of systematic bookkeeping processes being in place. We not only aim to bring your current accounts into order, we modify your bookkeeping practices to make sure that your accounts will be easier to handle in the future. We focus on Record-Keeping, Filing and Communication ... Essentials to a stress free system.
By hiring a Beverley Hall, Norfolk Bookkeeper, you can spend more time on business and less time doing paperwork.We can travel to your work or place of business.
Some companies will feel more comfortable having regular bookkeeping visits, keeping them in touch with how their business is developing and ensuring that any decisions are made with current data to back them up. We can arrange regular visits to your place of business, allowing for on-site problem solving and saving you collation time.
Let Beverley Hall Bookkeeping Services help your business get organised.We can work remotely. Personally collecting, completing and returning your accounts.
For some business owners, the ideal bookkeeping solution is to have their accounts collected periodically and returned completed, ready for submitting to their accountant. We personally collect your accounts to ensure that they do not get lost or damaged in the post, we complete within an agreed time and return your accounts in person for a chat about any issues that need addressing.

Beverley Hall - Bookkeeping Price List

The price list at Beverley Hall Bookkeeping Services is easy to understand. We charge an hourly rate and a minimum number of hours per day. This allows us to spend our time working on your accounts and not starting and stopping, sending messages in a stop/start manner (Which we consider to be a waste of your time and money).

Please read on to find out more about how Beverley organises her client schedule:

  • £25.00* per hour for clients requiring monthly, quarterly or other non-regular visits to their place of work.
  • £22.00 per hour for clients requiring remote bookkeeping services, where we work online and you either scan your documents or send them to us.

* For occasional 'tune ups' or weekend appointments, Beverley charges £30.00 per hour. As you would expect, Beverley runs a tight diary schedule and any one-off appointments will usually have to be booked for the weekend. This charge would be per hour only and not restricted to a minimum day rate.

To maximise the effectiveness of her visits, she organises her diary into daily clients only (Minimum of 6 hours per visit). Therefore, if you only require a small number of hours per month, we may have to consolidate these into one full day per quarter. By organising her time this way Beverley will save you paying for setting up / reporting costs, which would eat up valuable accounting time if visits were very short.

Beverley Hall Bookkeeping Services specialises in dealing with accounts which have slipped into chaos, so please do not be afraid to call because you are feeling swamped.

Beverley Hall is Fully Qualified, Experienced in bookkeeping for all size of business and offers a Travelling Bookkeeping Service. By working at her clients premises, Beverley can Organise and Maintain your books 'in-house', reducing the time that you spend collating for bookkeepers who work from their own offices

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Services Overview

Beverley Hall Bookkeeping Services offers clients a cost effective and convenient part-time, freelance bookkeeping service that can either travel to your place of business or collect, complete and return your accounts

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Please feel free to reach out to us. We are usually with clients 9am-6pm each weekday, but email is set to SMS, so we will be able to respond quickly.

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